Your First Choice for Commercial Ventilation Systems in Auckland

Ventilation systems are a crucial part of modern commercial kitchens, factories and office spaces. Not only are professionally installed and maintained ventilation and extraction systems vital to providing a healthy and comfortable working area; they are also required by law. Since 1989 Absolute Air Conditioning & Refrigeration has been providing ventilation systems Auckland wide. We help businesses throughout the greater Auckland area with all their ventilation and extraction needs. From a busy commercial kitchen or a laboratory right through to a factory floor or a hectic office, we can deliver tailored ventilation solutions to suit your space and budget. To find out more about our range of ventilation services in Auckland, contact Absolute Air Conditioning & Refrigeration today.

Toilet Extraction and Ventilation Systems

Did you know that it is a building code regulation for toilets without windows to have mechanical ventilation systems installed? (Building code – AS 1668.1 or building industry authority G4 ventilation).

Speak to Absolute Air Conditioning & Refrigeration if your toilets are at risk of not meeting standards. We provide office fit outs, can work with new commercial buildings, can service and maintain existing extraction or ventilation systems in Auckland or completely replace old systems.

When you work with our Auckland team, you will get complete end to end ventilation services. We provide: 
  • Full servicing and maintenance repair for commercial ventilation systems in Auckland. We watch out for small but necessary repair work to ensure your systems perform at maximum efficiency.
  • Commercial fit outs for new commercial buildings existing properties that require a full replacement of their extraction and ventilation systems.
ventilation system being repairs auckland

Commercial Kitchen Extraction Systems

Any rooms that have cookers or grease extraction systems require a commercial kitchen extraction system as per the building code AS 1668.1 or the building industry authority G4 ventilation. Our team can make sure that your kitchen meets all the necessary requirements and is a safe and comfortable place to work.

Fresh Air Ventilation Systems

Installing a fresh air ventilation system in a windowless building will help to keep the CO2 level down and is also required by building codes (Building Code – AS 1668.1 or building industry authority G4 ventilation). Absolute Air Conditioning & Refrigeration can provide effective fresh Auckland ventilation services for new office buildings as well as alterations or renovations to existing buildings.
To find out more about what the team at Absolute Air Conditioning & Refrigeration can do for you, contact one of our specialists today.
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